I Don’t Know

Once again, I’d neglected my blog. However, it wasn’t only my blog, I neglected pretty much all my writing platform! I even stop writing poetry! What have I become?! It just seems like I have less motivation these days. I do watch motivational clips as usual, but thats it. Just watching. No actions. Just so we’re in the same page, I’m now back in Uni. Philippines treated me well. I miss it much. Home was home, nothing change. Miss it too. Now I’m at week 3 of lecture and so far so good. I think that’s the issue, everything is so bland, it’s not exciting any longer. Maybe it’s me, maybe I’m just not good at this writing thing. I don’t know.


East Coast

Sandakan the East Coast of Sabah. Stunningly Beautiful. Fun filled trip of gorgeous scenery, friendly orang-utans and proboscis monkey, seafood, seafood and more seafood!

It was my first time to the east of Sabah. Yes, I’m a 19 yr old Sabahan who was just given the privilege to visit this magnificent place. I’ll admit, I’m glad that only now was I given the opportunity to go, because if it was say 10 years ago? Well, I don’t think I would appreciate it that much. Now that I’m much older, I have grown to appreciate nature more. Which is what this trip was all about, Nature. From the bottom of my heart, I say this place is truly amazing. Just a 7 hours drive (if you’re driving super fast) from Kota Kinabalu. But trust me, it is all worth it. You can even stop by Kundasang, which is a 2 hour drive from KK, have lunch there maybe? and continue your journey to the east. Can’t really express my feelings through words but lets just say the trip has given me the chance to reconnect to nature to recreate myself.

Short Hat Yai Getaway

Have you ever just got so lazy to blog your holiday trip that you decided to just post pictures? But then why do you use WordPress? I mean we have Facebook and Instagram for that right? Well, what if your best friend force you to blog about it because she wants to know everything that happened? What if the only reason she did that was because when she asked you to tell her your experience you said, “Just wait, I’ll blog about it’. Well she waited and its been good heavens 3 months! 3 months have passed since that trip and all that had happen became a distant memory. You’re not sure what to write, what to say, where to even begin! So, have you ever?  Well, I have and it was the trip my family and I took during the Hari Raya Holiday.

Hat Yai, Thailand. Beautiful place, honestly not really. It was full of rats. Okay, let me just stop myself right there and start from the beginning. It was a 4 days 3 nights kind of trip. Most of it include shopping, eating, shopping and shopping. We stayed at this hostel kind of place where they called “hive” or something. It was really cute, everyone had their own private compartment with a bed, a lamp and even small drawers. The WiFi there was super good (ON THE FIRST NIGHT!). For some weird reason the Internet modem broke or so they say. Anyway, the food there tasted somehow “Malaysian-ize”. Could be because Hat Yai is at the border, really near to Malaysia. So, they were a few Malaysian that migrated there. Oh right, communication. If you’re able to speak Thailand then lucky you. But if not, your only hope would be Chinese Mandarin because English is a big no no. In my case, since I was able to converse in Chinese (Not fluently -hehe), we were able to survive 3 nights there. Lastly, bringing up the rat part again. Well, when I was there there was security guards everywhere, literally, even at the far end corner that you thought there wouldn’t be any, there were. So due to this advantage; mum, sis and I decided it would be safe to walk back and forth in the middle of the night (without dad and bro) to shop. Funny story was, the night time was the rat’s favourite time. So everytime when we head back from the night market, stalls or shopping malls to our “hive”, the rats be showing up. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t say its a really dirty place. It actually isn’t, frankly, its cleaner than Malaysia. You see, the garbage we see here would be merata-rata tempat. Yet, the ones in Hat Yai would be in just one bundle in a single spot, which would clear up the very next day.To wrap it up, I’ll just like to put it out there that the only thing I miss (as of now) would be the leg messages. #noregrets


Aldo turns 24

Nothing to say much. I guess the title says it all. Aldo didn’t want to eat in any fancy restaurant or what so ever, he even suggested we eat at the foodcourt!! Still, we were able to get him to agree on something different. After a few rounds searching for a restaurant in the shopping mall, we decided to try Popilla, a Mexican fast food restaurant. Well, all I gotta say was, not impress. Okay it was fine but it didn’t really live up to my expectation. I was really expecting it to be bursting with flavours but all I got was *bleuk. Well, I can’t really say much, ever since I became vegetarian I had already got used to vegetarian food in a “normal” restaurant to not taste that good. It even had a small portion! I mean for the price?! Seriously? Anyway, after our Dinner, we actually went to a cafe which I think was called Coffee Day. We talk a bit and bought for Aldo a red velvet cake, which I got to admit tasted so-so as well. I’m really not sure what was my luck that day, but all the food I’ve been taking tasted rather bland.

TOUS les JOURS @ WOLO Bukit Bintang

TOUS les JOURS which also means everyday in French. However, this wasn’t a french bakery. It is in fact a South Korean Bakery francise. It was my first time here. They had a nice ambience to it. Very homey yet classy in a way. Brick wall, chandelier, couches and even long glass windows overlooking the city, which wasn’t that “beautiful” because they had construction everywhere so it wasn’t pleasing to the eyes. Even though it was fully air conditioned, it was rather hot that day. I was very impress with pretty much everything except the food. Well, my food (Apple Pie and Honey Cheese Bun). The price was very reasonable ( I bought pastries only so I’m not sure for the cooked ones). However, I wasn’t that happy with the taste. It didn’t taste bad, but it didn’t taste that good either. It was even very hard to munch off. I actually expected it to be warm and soft but I guess it wasn’t. Nevertheless, the cake was so delicious and very rich. Overall, I would come here again just to try their other pastries and simply just spend my afternoon in their comfy couches whilst listening to soft Korean playlist on the background.

Me X Social Media

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 10.09.43 PM

Just a few days ago I was reading an article about Social Media. It went something like “Social Media is Destroying Quality Human Interaction”. It was for my ELC class, we had to do an evaluative commentary. Frankly, I don’t think I’m that kind of person that gets easily influence. But for some reason, the author of that article really gave me a huge impact. After reading the article for about 6 times, I was actually convinced that Social Media is in fact destroying quality human interaction; well for me personally. Consequently, I decided to take a break from Social Media. This includes my Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, WeChat, Telegram; pretty much all the social media apps I have on my phone. However, I didn’t entirely delete all my social media apps, I narrowed down to three apps that I chose to keep; which are my WhatsApp, Tumblr and WordPress. WhatsApp is obviously important as it is the main platform where I contact my family members and my friends. Tumblr and WordPress on the other hand, is the place where I post my Poems, Short Stories, random writings – I’ll explain more afterwards.

Now, everyone might be thinking “Why?” right?

Well, how should I put this? For me personally, Social Media have been taking up my life. I’m not blaming Social Media. I don’t think everyone is facing the same issue I’m facing. This is a subjective issue anyway. Maybe its just me, maybe because I don’t have self limitation. It could be because I don’t know how to balance my social life with my actual life. Okay, I admit. It’s me. I would wake up in the morning and the first thing I’ll do is scroll through my Instagram feed. After that it’ll jump from Twitter to Snapchat to God knows what where. Its the circle of life. Next thing I know, 2 hours have just flew out of the window. I’m not saying that this happens every single morning but, Social Media have taken up half of my day to say the least.

This is why I decided to take a break. It could be for a month? 6 months? a year? I don’t know. What I do know is, in the meantime, I would love to start writing and reading again. That is why I kept my Tumblr (for my Poems & Short Stories) and WordPress (for my random writings). I think I have abandoned my blogs for far too long and its breaking my heart. Even my books on my shelves that I swore to read this year are untouched and collecting dust. I guess I’ll be posting more as well!

I haven’t showered since last year

Yes, its so cliche of me to say the last time I showered was last year. To be honest, I really haven’t. All jokes aside, It is 1st January 2016, 5 in the morning and I’ve just finish watching Christmas movies. I survived 2015 YAY! First of, I’m so glad of all the things that happened last year – Gosh it feels so weird saying “last year”, time do passed by quickly :’) 2015 really thought me a lot. If you’ve read my caption on one of my picture on Instagram, you would have seen the list of things I “achieve” or some sort last year. Okay let me just stop right there, I’m not here to dread over the life I had last year. Frankly, I did had a wonderful 2015 but we need to move on now and start setting goals for the future. So I kind of found some questions online we should ask ourselves for New Year’s Resolution. I’ve decided to choose some from different sources and answer them here.

1. Why would I want to change?

I like the way things are now but I don’t LOVE it. Yes, I want to change. My bad habits in eating unhealthily, having bad attitude at times, sleeping late, cursing, being a couch potato when I’m back home, sometimes shopping uncontrollably when I’m not home and seriously there are so much more. I really want to change all of this so I would be a better person and I would love myself more.

2. How am I going to change?

Well I not sure how though but I believe if we have determination and perseverance, we can achieve our goal. I need to believe that I can do it, make a planner and start planning. List them down and actually stick to it.  Normally Time is the issue, so I think I have to start making time for the more important things in life.

3. What are the things I want to start doing?

First I would really like to start reading the Bible again. I can say that last year I was kind of drifting apart from God especially after starting uni. So I decided that I would make it a point to read the Bible or pray the Rosary everyday. Other than that, I would also want to start caring more. I came to realisation I’m not really the sentimental-caring type of person, but this year I’m working on it 🙂 Last but not least, my worst characteristic; impatience. Hate to admit it but yes, I am very impatient and I really do want to remove this really bad characteristic.

Well its nearly 6am I should probably end my not-so-new-years-resolution entry. Thanks for reading, may God bless you always and HAPPY NEW YEARS 2016 xx