Food Journey with Mum 🇵🇭

I’m not going to name one by one but this is pretty much what I have been eating there. So far I haven’t consume meat yet. So that’s great news.


Aldo turns 24

Nothing to say much. I guess the title says it all. Aldo didn’t want to eat in any fancy restaurant or what so ever, he even suggested we eat at the foodcourt!! Still, we were able to get him to agree on something different. After a few rounds searching for a restaurant in the shopping mall, we decided to try Popilla, a Mexican fast food restaurant. Well, all I gotta say was, not impress. Okay it was fine but it didn’t really live up to my expectation. I was really expecting it to be bursting with flavours but all I got was *bleuk. Well, I can’t really say much, ever since I became vegetarian I had already got used to vegetarian food in a “normal” restaurant to not taste that good. It even had a small portion! I mean for the price?! Seriously? Anyway, after our Dinner, we actually went to a cafe which I think was called Coffee Day. We talk a bit and bought for Aldo a red velvet cake, which I got to admit tasted so-so as well. I’m really not sure what was my luck that day, but all the food I’ve been taking tasted rather bland.

TOUS les JOURS @ WOLO Bukit Bintang

TOUS les JOURS which also means everyday in French. However, this wasn’t a french bakery. It is in fact a South Korean Bakery francise. It was my first time here. They had a nice ambience to it. Very homey yet classy in a way. Brick wall, chandelier, couches and even long glass windows overlooking the city, which wasn’t that “beautiful” because they had construction everywhere so it wasn’t pleasing to the eyes. Even though it was fully air conditioned, it was rather hot that day. I was very impress with pretty much everything except the food. Well, my food (Apple Pie and Honey Cheese Bun). The price was very reasonable ( I bought pastries only so I’m not sure for the cooked ones). However, I wasn’t that happy with the taste. It didn’t taste bad, but it didn’t taste that good either. It was even very hard to munch off. I actually expected it to be warm and soft but I guess it wasn’t. Nevertheless, the cake was so delicious and very rich. Overall, I would come here again just to try their other pastries and simply just spend my afternoon in their comfy couches whilst listening to soft Korean playlist on the background.

Llao Llao


I went to Mid Valley the other day and my friend insisted that we try Llao Llao. It claimed to be a must try dessert and she said its very well known in social media. I’ll be honest, it was actually my first time hearing that name “Llao Llao” and for as long as I stayed in KL not once have I noticed a Llao Llao booth/stall. Llao Llao is a type of yogurt ice cream with different kinds of ingriedients to be added inside. My friend and I decided to just share a cup since we’re not sure if its nice or not. We took the medium cup + 3 toppings, which cost us around rm14. We added strawberries, oreo crumbs and chocolate sauce (yes, the sauce is considered a topping). Anyway, I really liked it. It was soft, cool and it had the strong yogurt taste. However, I wasn’t really satisfied though. Maybe its because of the toppings, I should have chose better ones. I’ll rate it 7 over 10 because its so expensive. But I do highly recommend others to try it too.

Beef & Salmon Pepper Lunch


This might be the second time I ordered a Pepper Lunch meal. My first time, if I’m not mistaken, was when I went to Hong Kong. It was so delicious, however because of their high standard of living it cost way too much for an average Malaysian like me. This time though; I have to admit, wasn’t actually pleasing. I bought myself the Beef & Salmon Pepper Lunch, which cost me RM 12.90! As you can see in the picture; the portion is small, there were only few pieces of meat and some of the beef wasn’t fully cooked. Okay, maybe its because it is some kind of hot plate so the cooking process is also during the serving. But to be frank, it really wasn’t that tasty. The rice was hard and the meat itself was also quite tasteless. I was really expecting much more from the look of the Menu. Nonetheless, It did fill my tummy up. So I’ll give it a 4 over 10.

IKEA’s Swedish Meatballs

Today was my first time to an IKEA store. Before even going there, I’ve heard so much already about their famous “meatballs”. To be honest I wasn’t that intrigued by it, the meatballs didn’t look that tasty. Nevertheless, I thought why not give it a shot. IKEA’s Restaurant was flooded with people and the queue was so long. There were at least 10 meatballs in every plate I see passed by me. Some people even had two trays of meatballs 😮 Maybe it is THAT good. Still, I wasn’t really keen on it so my friend and I decided to share a plate of meatballs.


We’ve gotten the Swedish Meatball (Large) – Rm18 for 20pcs

IT WAS SO GOOD! I might be exaggerating a little but it was THAT good. Definitely worth the wait, time and price ✨ However, they can improve more in their presentation. I didn’t really understand what it is with the strawberry jam at the side. Is it part of the presentation? Or maybe thats the way the Swedish eat their meatballs – with mashed potatoes and jam.
Nevertheless, I will come here again for their meatballs so I guess its an 8 over 10 for me ✌