Day (I’m not even counting anymore)

Goodness gracious it’s been so long! The last time I updated, was Day 19, now it’s already Day 34!! What?! It has been more than a month? I can’t believe myself either. Time flies by so quickly. The reason why I was not able to update daily (or sooner) was because I was really busy. Many things happened during the course of 15 days. Firstly, the Pangasinan trip for the Strong and Faithful Echo Conference weekend. I was assigned to do the playbacks. Secondly, the promotional photos and videos (teaser) for the Pluma series. I was ask to do 3 promo photos, 1 promo fb cover, 4 live update photos and 3 trailer videos. Lastly, the Baguio trip (which I’m currently at) for the same Echo Conference, but different provinces. So all these, with little bit and pieces of other stuff had made me so busy lately. I’m not complaining of course, I’m really enjoying my time here. Also, I have become closer to the people here. I feel so attached now, this could be a bad thing especially when saying goodbye. Well, that’s a long way to go, I have about 2 more months here. If it wasn’t for the language barrier, I think I’ll actually stay. I really love what they do in GMC. Their mission and vision, well OUR Mission and Vision. It really open my eyes to things I never knew I will ever come across, something I never knew existed. I don’t know if this is my calling or whatever, but I’m beginning to feel really comfortable here. Oh yes, before I forget, next week is already June! Liveloud Concert would be on the second week of June and fourth week would be CFC anniversary week!!! My goodness, busy busy. Nevertheless, I will try my best to update as frequently as I can 😉


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