Day 19 – Projects 

Not sure if I should feel scared or thrilled. Today I was given two projects. One was from the PROD team, they requested a teaser video for the 36th CFC Anniversary Week Celebration. Just a simple instructional video stating the activities for that week. Basically, its mostly just text and no extra shooting needed as they’re just going to use the previous years’ footage. Just simple “moving” typography (or so they said). They wanted it to be creative and attractive, which means, motion graphics (something I obviously do not know how to do!). The other project however is not far from home. My friend back in Malaysia had given me a job. It was an editing job, I had to edit an advertising video of an app (or so he said). I quickly accepted the offer without hesitation as i thought it was just editing. Alas, it wasn’t just that, it required motion graphics too, and may I just remind you I have zero knowledge on that. So right now I have two major (to me at least) projects, Teaser and Advertisement. Get this, both of them are due next week, teaser on Tuesday and Advertisement somewhere there as well. Today is Thursday, which means I just a few days to learn after effects and try my best to give a good outcome. I’m thrilled to be given this opportunity to create these projects, though at the same time, I’m scared that I’ll mess it up. Nevertheless, everything happens for a reason, I’m just hoping and praying that everything will go as planned. Thank God I have the whole weekend to do this. 
Ps: Was in the middle of doing the said projects (honestly I have not actually started, just watching “How To After Effects” Videos on YT heh) but was cut off short as the internet is not treating me well at the moment -.- Apparently, WordPress doesn’t require that much internet so here I am. Please be a sport and pray for me, thanks 😉 


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