Day 17/18 – Update 

I have been so busy these last few days, there was really no free time for my blog update. Even right now I have to squeeze this in my schedule. In the morning, I’ll usually go to morning mass at the church nearby the hostel. After mass, I’ll go to the GMC straight away and by the time we reach there, we have the morning praise and worship. It usually last about 30 minutes. By the time it ends, it’s time to do the “project” of the day. Some days my task was just editing videos. For those days, I’ll stay at the office getting it done. Yesterday however, I had the chance to go to another shoot. This time it was an interview shoot for Ablaze communication. They had a secret project which I’m not going to say until the release of the video. Also, I became the cameraman, well, woman. I didn’t film the whole video though, just certain scenes. Today was slightly the same except in the evening, I was invited to join a meeting for a huge event. It’s the LIVELOUD Catholic concert that would be held this June 10th. It was the tech meeting if I’m not mistaken. They discussed mostly about the video setup, colour palette, lyrics visual on screen etc. I was honestly at awe. Just imagine being in the same room with about half a dozen of really talented and creative people (in terms of designing of course) and they are all talking about this kind of design or that kind of design, the right way to portray it without getting out of context, illustrator, after effects etc, and you’re just there, wide eyed, thinking: “where have I been all this while?” At that moment I knew what my goal was. Okay, not trying to sound dramatic but they were really GOALS! I want to be like that. Plus, they were so nice too, one of them even taught me (step by step, might I add) on the ways to use illustrator. This is definitely going in my books, “Excel in illustrator and after effects”. So going back to why I have a hard time to update my blog, to keep it simple, by the time I reach home (plus, the only decent time to blog), I’m too tired and I prefer choosing sleep over anything else. 


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