Day 12 – Silent in the set… and ACTION!

Another eventful day I had today. I was invited to see the shooting for CFC Pluma season 2! Pluma is a documentary series where CFC members are being interviewed. Each episode shows different subject with different story to tell. Even though Pluma is under CFC, the ones who handles the shooting of video, editing etc are another third party company. This is mainly because of CFCs manpower and shooting equipment. Today they were to interview CFCs Chairman, Tito Joe Tale and his wife. I’m not going to spoil anything but the whole time during the shoot, I was secretly awe-ing and laughing. They were very humorous and their love story is just so ūüėć Anyways, I’m glad I was given this opportunity because I was able to meet a bunch of cool people. What I meant is, the production crew that CFC PROD had to work with. They were apparently all young adults, some of them were even the same age as me. I asked them a few questions (or more like interrogated them) on their experience in a crew, how did they managed their team etc. Most of them started out as interns that soon became full time workers. Their project are mostly Music Videos, Ads etc. In fact, Pluma 2 was their first documentary project. They were able to score several huge deals because of their connections. This further proves that networking is very important, and not only at the entertainment industry. Also, one of their crew member was actually a lecturer or some sort. She told me the tips and tricks when filming the documentaries. Firstly, don’t rehearsed the interview. We can briefly tell the interviewee on what we’re going to ask but nothing more than that. Even though we have prepared a bunch of questions already, just use it as guidelines. This is mainly so we can see the authenticity of the video. The shooting lasted nearly 4 hours. I was so tired especially since it’s the time of the month again, but I guess it’s all worth it. Anyway, I should probably sleep now. Tomorrow would be another long day ‚ú®


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