Day 11 – Blessings

Today was such a great day! I was given the chance to be a guest at the “Pamilya mo, Pamilya ko” show on the Catholic radio station called Veritas. I’m not sure if you’re able to listen to it now since it had already ended, but if you’re interested, you can hear their livestream on . The “Pamilya mo, Pamilya ko” show last about 2 hours from 10am to 12noon. However, its all in Tagalog, so you might have difficulties understanding if you’re like me. When I first entered the studio, I was slightly scared at first. Mostly because the questions would be impromptu, they refuse telling me so the only I could do to prepare myself was by praying. During the radio show, they spoke Tagalog most of the time and a little bit of English when speaking to me. Nevertheless, the radio announcers were very nice and understood my struggle, I could see they tried their best to speak English. Our main discussion was about Freedom in the Catholic church; What was our views on Freedom and as a service team to the Kids For Christ and the Youth For Christ, how do we apply this. Also, they asked us how did the community change us in a spiritual way and in of course generally as a person. When the show ended, we went back to the GMC and I was then again introduce to the remaining PROD team that I haven’t met. I finally got the chance to meet the two Editors of PROD, Kuya Jamek and Kuya Je. They were friendly and we had a great conversation about their Editor role there. Basically, they would edit all the videos from the conferences that CFC have held. However, according to them, those are just simple projects as there weren’t any multiple takes and it was a single camera production. Their more tough works would be editing advert videos and (this is a huge surprise for me) Evangelium, the news channel for CFC. What a surprise right? Our community is definitely growing. Speaking about Evangelium, remember Maan? The sis I mention from Day 10? well, she’s the producer coordinator for the programme. This place gives me surprises after surprises. I have also met Kuya Val and Kuya Ranran (i think, or renren), both really creative designers. Kuya Val is under the PROD team too and apparently he designs everything you had seen in the conferences that you went. From the stage, to the backdrop, interior and exterior etc. Unlike Kuya Val, Kuya Renren works under the Ablaze Communication. He is the designer of all the Ablaze T-shirt. If you’re wearing one now, yes, he designed that. The night came, it was a disaster for me. The PROD decided to have a little “karaoke” session. They brought me along because apparently I’m part of them now (yay!). However, I’m not really a huge fan of singing, especially infront of others. Main reason was, I’m not good at singing. Get this, in their karaoke, scores are given each time you finish singing. Filipinos being Filipinos with their beautiful voices, scored 100 every single time, though there were a few 98 and 97, but never lower than that. I, who obviously would not top that off, chose the easiet song I knew, “The A Team”. Joke of the day? I scored 28!!!  You could think I’m embarrassed or ashamed or something, but surprisingly I wasn’t. I was more towards feeling bad for the others as they have to pretend my singing was good. All jokes aside, I actually had a splendid night. It was a real ice breaker for me and I was able to get to know them more, which was good since I’ll be working with them from now on.


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