Day 10 – Inspired

It was already 12 midnight and I was still wide awake. Funny how I planned on sleeping at 10pm at first and now, 2 hours later, I still can’t seem to fall asleep. I was sweating and my body was so sticky, that was probably why I couldn’t sleep. Still I refuse to get up and take a shower because I knew I’ll sweat all over again. The weather was just extremely hot for my body to handle. Only around 2am I was able to get some sleep, however, I knew part of me was still awake. 5.45am I woke up with the sound of my roommate waking up. It was 15 minutes before my alarm was suppose to ring. Great. I got ready, ate breakfast and headed out to my first day at the GMC (this is apparently what they called the place, I have always they called it the CFC office). It appears that every morning they actually have a morning praise and worship. I was lucky enough to reach the GMC on time to attend it. Suddenly I felt right at home, just like any other CPA, with the same songs but just different surroundings. Once again, the person who was suppose to deal on my matter wasn’t around because he is supposedly a really busy man. Thankfully, although it was in a such short notice, the PROD department decided they can “babysit” me in the meantime. So basically, what I’ve gathered today was PROD is the Production department of CFC. It consist of a creative team of 9. Each of them had their own role. I met a few of them just now and I can’t stop myself from being so inspired. Especially by the younger ones. Char, a 22 year old sis who just started working in PROD last November. She has a few roles here and there but her main role was for Pluma. Pluma is a documentary TV Series that tell stories about CFC members and their life/experience before they found CFC and when their already in the community. Although Pluma is under CFC, they still had to find a third party to film their documentaries. Basically, Char’s job was to handle this. Apart from this, she’s also involves in helping out to organise most of the events that CFC are having. Next it’s Maan, a 23 year old sis as well that started working with PROD last August. She is apparently the radio announcer for the CFC “Pamilya mo, Pamilya ko” show on a Catholic radio station in the Philippines called Veritas. Same goes to Maan, she also helps in organising CFC events. Just last week, I was mostly surrounded with young adults at their late 20s and adults that could be twice my age. So obviously I was rather not keen on this whole idea of me being there but after meeting those two youths, it really inspired and motivated me in a way. There was also a SFC bro I met who was also under the PROD. Apparently he is the team leader of the Multimedia section of the PROD department and, get this, took filming too! He was very enthusiastic, telling me about the PROD and what they do exactly. He asked me what I’m taking in university and when I told him filming and that I’m focusing more on editing, he got all excited and told me I would have tons of fun there. This actually made me happy and reassured that it was the right decision to choose this. Plus, I’m really eager to learn how they organise all the big events. Tomorrow, however, I was given the chance to go to the radio station with Maan and the day after that, a chance to follow Char to one of the Pluma shootings. I’m getting excited by just writing them down ūüėĄ


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