Day 9 – New Friends

Since it is Labor Day, it’s a holiday! I woke up pretty late today, nearly noon to be exact. Today’s activity wasn’t really as what many might call it “happening”. However, I did meet more of my housemate. They were really friendly and I enjoyed listening to them converse in Tagalog. However, I’m still not keen in learning it yet. Anyway, they kept trying to feed me with food, I tried declining a few times because I was seriously so full already. Plus, I didn’t want to add anymore extra kilos. However, they weren’t convinced, so the duel continued on. Out of courtesy, I soon agree to join them. Still, all of that aside, I really appreciate their friendliness and I guess it’s better than having housemates that ignores you all day and minding their own business (even though I actually kind of prefer this in a way). Maybe this was what I should learn, putting myself out there more and not becoming a self absorb person. Speaking of learning, I have learned a lot of things today while talking to the housemates. They told me about the Philippines hierarchy, the islands and basically everything I got to know about their country. Also, I actually had a great conversation with one of my roommates. She was also in training and she shared to me her experiences and how she got involved with the community. What interest me a lot was her thesis, she was doing about “Single Blessedness”, who knew there were such term right? Apparently Single Blessedness meant living an unmarried life, however not in the religious life (priest, nun etc) yet at the same time living a holy life and they have to make a vow about it. I’m not really sure, but I’ll further research on it.


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