Day 8 – Alone but never lonely

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Woke up 5 in the morning today, to bid mum farewell. Mum was going back to Malaysia, leaving me here all alone. After saying our goodbyes, I went back to sleep as I was honestly really tired from pretty much all the walking we did.
I woke up back again at 8 and started packing and getting ready for my journey back to Cubao. I decided to walk to the Taft Avenue station as I felt it was much safer than using a tricycle (which mum and I had planned earlier). At the Taft Avenue, I had my Chow King lunch and went straight to the MRT. I had to pass 8 stops until I’ll reach my stop which was Aranata Cubao. There I bought a Tuna sandwich just in case I’ll get hungry afterwards. I took a grab to the hostel and thank God I reached there safely and unharmed. Met a few of the housemates and started unpacking. Now this is the beginning of my journey. Alone. Alone but never lonely 🙏🏻 I have always been alone actually. Going to high school I was alone. I didn’t know anyone in my class since I was enrolled to a school far from my town. It was the same in uni, I had to go to another state even, and I definitely felt out of place. However, although I was alone in the beginning, I knew life will always take its toll and soon I’ll be less alone as before. Still, I miss my mum, my dad, my sis, my bro, my home, my cat, my bed, the food, friends, CFC family and pretty much everything that makes me feel comfortable and at home. But you know what they say “Get out of your comfort zone”.


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