Day 7 – LRT/MRT & getting lost

I can’t believe it has already been a week. Since the hotel didn’t provide complementary breakfast like Fersal Hotel did, we had to find food somewhere. We decided to go to Baclaran Church first to ask about the anticipated mass today. Apparently only Malaysia calls it Sunset mass. As we weren’t sure how far it would be, we decided to get a tricycle. The boy who rode us to the church had actually cheated us. Before we climb into the tricycle, he said it was 40peso. When we reached the place, he said it was 40peso per head! Yes, that’s actually counted as expensive for a very short ride. My mum was furious but well, what can we do right? Before going into the church, something caught my eyes and it was the “Inasal” signage! Yay food! The place was packed and service was slow, yet, we finally got to eat our Sisig Bangus and Halo-Halo, so whose the real winner here, aye? Anyway, after brunch we went to church and prayed a bit. Upholding the family and my journey here. After that, mum wanted me to experience other kinds of transportation (LRT/MRT) in the Philippines. So, we walked towards the Baclaran LRT station and decided to go EDSA and from EDSA walk towards Taft avenue MRT station and from there to Ayala Centre. Wow, it looked like I know what I’m talking about right? In fact, I didn’t at first and we actually got lost!! Mum wanted to go to Landmark. She was so sure Taft Avenue was a stone throw away from Landmark. Because she actually went there early January this year. But she was mistaken Taft Avenue with Ayala Centre. Not blaming mum though, it was quite confusing too. When we finally reached Ayala Centre, we did some window shopping and I couldn’t believe my eyes! I found a shop that sold some sort of fandom merchandise. They had Harry Potter Houses Quidditch Jerseys, Harry Potter Wands, Harry Potter Key chains and many more. I was really excited about it since I became a Harry Potter fan after recently watching Harry Potter (I’ll get into that later on). Anyways, what excite me more was they had RIVERDALE T-shirt as well as Archie’s jersey (what even, I know!!!). Unfortunately, I bought nothing there as I have already finish my cash on the sport shoe I mention yesterday 😭😭 we made our way to Landmark after that and went straight to the food court. It was marvellous, they had so many yummy looking food. Since we have just ate, we decided just to try some Filipino delicacies. Whilst paying for our food at the counter, God must have heard our prayers because just then we saw a signage that told us that there was a Chapel at the 5th floor. They had anticipated masses too. Praise the Lord! We didn’t need to rush back to Baclaran to attend mass, it was just right above us 🙏🏻 About 45 minutes before mass, we headed to the Chapel. It was beautiful and air-conditioned. Plus the mass was in English so that was great. After mass, we had our dinner and and went straight back to Ayala to run some errands as it was nearly 8pm and we didn’t want to reach back late. We first had to change our SIM, mum’s back to her Malaysian number, and mine to Philippine number. Then we headed to the supermarket to buy canned fish so I’ll not starve this month. Few minutes later and it’s nearly 9pm. The MRT closes at 10pm so we had to rush rush rush. However, us being us, decided to buy ourselves desserts on our way back. Sadly, we were stopped by the security because we weren’t allowed to bring drinks (or dessert for this matter) in a paper cup inside the MRT. We had to consume the dessert quickly and that made me quite unsatisfied. Despite all this, we were able to reach the hotel safely by 10pm.


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