Day 6 – Mall of Asia

After checking out from Fersal Hotel, we made our way to Pinoy Pamilya Hotel which was located in Pasay. Mum wanted to stay here as it was nearer to the airport (she’s going back this Sunday). We went straight to SM Mall of Asia after checking in as it was already after lunch. We used a jeepney which only costed us 8peso! What a save! After circling around and getting lost a bit, we found “House of Lasagna”. We contemplated a bit whether or not we should eat there as it was quite pricey, but decided lastly we should give it a go. The interior was really pretty and the food presentation was also pleasing. Although the food was delicious, it was just way to pricey. After lunch, we did window shopping and a little haul at the SM department store. I got myself a sport shoe, and I’m kind of slowly regretting (hehe, I’m kidding). Hours later, after we have done shopping, we decided to have dinner before going back to the hotel. Mum wanted something different (not the choices I gave), she wanted a place that sold pinoy cooking and fish. So we decide on “Inasal”, as it has Sisig Bangus as well as Halo-Halo. Unfortunately, they were so many people at the restaurant. To the point where there was even a queue. A long queue I might add. We decided we weren’t going to wait so we search for another restaurant that had delicious pinoy food. Finally we had dinner at “Congo Grille”. We ordered a bowl of sour soup with fish and a plate of grilled fish (tbh, I’m not really sure what’s it called even, but I know it was two different kind of fish and it was delicious).


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