Day 4 – Ube & Massage

Once again we headed to the CFC Centre because mum had to settle the RFID. However, the Uncle who was in charge of my schedule and pretty much everything there, wasn’t around again as he was busy. Not knowing what to do, I went to look for the Ates I was introduced to yesterday. Alas, they too weren’t around. Apparently, many were not around that day as they had meetings and trainings to attend. Plus, the Family Conference in Baguio is just around the corner. So after mum had dealt with the RFID, which hasn’t been finalise yet, we decided to head back to Ali Mall and get our late lunch there. It was an all-you-can-eat dinner, however, the chosen wasn’t much though. They had noodles, meat, and a bunch of Filipino delicacies. After dinner, we decided to walk to Farmers Plaza to continue looking for my pillow and bed set, as the ones in SM was quite pricey. Farmers Plaza reminded me a bit of Centre Point as they both have the same tiles and walls. One thing that gave me a shock was they actually have a church inside the mall. It wasn’t really like a church, but more like a hall. Get this, I actually saw a mass being celebrated just that moment with a priest too. Plus it was open air!! Mum told me it was normal in Philippines, and Farmers Plaza wasn’t the only mall that does that. Interesting I must say. Instead of looking for what we actually came for, we ended up looking for Ube ice cream. It was actually since yesterday I was looking high and low for that sweet dessert, however, there were only sold in huge bucket. No signs of Ube popsicles anywhere. As I was about to give up, we finally found one in an 7/11 store. It didn’t taste as good as the ones I tasted before, but I guess it’ll suffice. After spending about three hours there, we decided it was time to head back to the hotel as it was getting dark. Walking along the road side, legs started aching and tummy started grumbling. Mum suggested we go for a reflexology. I was thrilled. We quickly rush back, took a shower, get ready and head to the massaging place. It felt good of course, however, I can’t help to mention that my grumbling stomach kind of ruin my experience a bit. Apparently I was hungry again. After the massage and dinner, we went to the 7/11 to buy bottled water. You’ll never guess what we found, yes, Ube ice cream again. It was a bucket one, one half was Ube and the other was coconut flavour. Since the bucket wasn’t as big as the ones before, we decided to buy it. Later that night, I had declared no more Ube for me.


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