Day 3 – CFC

The third day of our stay here, we went to the CFC centre to settle my stay in the Philippines for the next 4 months as well as the RFIDs for the members back home. We said our goodbyes to our lovely host, uncle Manny and aunty Ditas and made our way to Fersal Hotel, Cubao, which apparently was a 30peso worth of tricycle ride from the CFC centre. At the CFC Centre, I was first introduced to the YFC International Coordinator, Kuya Lawrence. He brief me a bit on what I was going to do and then he moved along introducing me to Ate Laleng. After attending mass there, Ate Laleng brought my mum and I to see the hostel that I was going to stay. Although it was quite far from the Centre, it does look safe. It had around 4 rooms inside that can fit around 15 people, there were also a kitchen, dining area, laundry area and a living room. Although, It wasn’t that clean or neat, it was still liveable. After all of that was done, mum and I headed to our hotel, check-in, went out again and made our way to Ali Mall, which was just a stone throw away from our hotel. We had our dinner there and after that tried looking for a pillow and a bed set at the SM department store.


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