Day 2 – Shocking news

Shocking news? Well as you might or might not know, September last year I decided to be a Vegetarian. It was hard at times, especially when you’re surrounded with friends and family that are not vegetarian. The hardest part I would say was explaining to them why I had chose this path. It wasn’t because I’m against animal slaughter, it was more towards my health. Well, all of that went away on the first of January when I decided to eat seafood again. This was mostly because it was hard to survive in College where I wasn’t able to prepare my own “vegetarian meal”. However, I still don’t consume chicken, beef, pork or whatnot. So I called myself a pescatarian. I was told by my dad that Philippines really love their pork and they have really so many chickens here. The amount of seafood aren’t many and even their vegetables are not as how my dad would say “appetising and how normally I would eat it”. I was indeed skeptical and didn’t really think much about it. Alas, when I was having a conversation with our host this morning, he told me that if I were to join the “mission volunteer”, which was one of the option I had here, I will be sent to provinces and do mission volunteer work there. Which means, I had to stay with the people in the provinces, and what they eat, I had to eat. As said before, they love their meat. A little advice by our host, “you can’t be “healthy” there”. There goes my pescatarian life 👋🏻🙃 Day 2 we had the chance to go around Cainta and TayTay town to run some errands in the mall. This is actually my fourth time in the Philippines and my views towards this country changes every time. This could be because it was ages ago since I last came here, so my understanding now is definitely different from back then. What I have observe today was they have really colourful houses, it was all bright and vibrant. I saw a turquoise, blue, orange and pink one. Funny thing is, the whole building had one colour only, it wasn’t a mixture. So imagine a whole building being bright turquoise only. Their roads too were very narrow, like a one way street but there are cars coming from different sides. Did I mention the cars there (including their jeepneys and tricycle) drives very fast and so close to each other? Fun fact, they have less road accidents than in Malaysia and I’m at shock. It is a known fact that Philippines is over populated, so apparently they have this rule where only certain vehicle can drive around Manila on certain days. For our host, they weren’t able to drive in Manila every Monday since it appears that both their cars’ plate number says so. I find it interesting that they try to ease road traffic with this method. So in day one I have mention about they’re sky traffic and apparently the host’s son works in the airport. He told us the sky traffic was because they had only one runway. The arrival and the departure had to use the same runway and this had cause so many delays. No wonder my flight yesterday had a great deal of delay 😌

Cainta, Rizal. The place I stayed for two nights:


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