Day 1 – Comfort Zone 

Before I begin telling you this new journey of mine, let’s just rewind to a few months back when my dad decided to send me to the Philippines so I could get exposure and gain knowledge regarding the course of study I am taking. It all started when my university decided to change the school system. Instead of June and December as the start of a new semester, they changed it to March and September. This means, after finishing my fourth semester in April, I’ll be having a 5 months break before continuing my final semester in September. Though I’m grateful for my parents on getting in touch with the people from the Philippines and settling my stay and my objectives there, for some reason I wasn’t quite comfortable with the idea. It could be because I don’t really find myself as a rather proactive and outspoken person or it could be because I’ll be alone for about 4 months there? 🤷🏻‍♀️ Whatever it was, I knew I had to put that aside and get out of my comfort zone to actually achieve my goals. Now that’s settle, let’s get back to journey. Day 1, it started out slightly bad frankly. That night before the flight, the airline emailed stating our flight got delayed for 2hrs. The next day when we went to the airport, it was apparently delayed again!! Our flight was suppose to last about 1hr40mins but because of the sky traffic, it ended up being 3hrs!! This was literally my first time experiencing this. I was already able to see all the buildings, but for some reason, they weren’t landing. The plane kept going round and round, circling the country. To top that off, there were actually another plane doing the same thing! Seriously, how bad was the traffic? Despite all this, we were able to land safely and that’s all that matters anyways. We were fetched by a family friend from our CFC community and we headed to their place as they were going to host us for a couple of days. We discussed over dinner on my stay there and my objectives. I was also given options on what I wanted to do there for the next 4 months. I haven’t finalise my decision yet, but I’ll get there.


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