TOUS les JOURS @ WOLO Bukit Bintang

TOUS les JOURS which also means everyday in French. However, this wasn’t a french bakery. It is in fact a South Korean Bakery francise. It was my first time here. They had a nice ambience to it. Very homey yet classy in a way. Brick wall, chandelier, couches and even long glass windows overlooking the city, which wasn’t that “beautiful” because they had construction everywhere so it wasn’t pleasing to the eyes. Even though it was fully air conditioned, it was rather hot that day. I was very impress with pretty much everything except the food. Well, my food (Apple Pie and Honey Cheese Bun). The price was very reasonable ( I bought pastries only so I’m not sure for the cooked ones). However, I wasn’t that happy with the taste. It didn’t taste bad, but it didn’t taste that good either. It was even very hard to munch off. I actually expected it to be warm and soft but I guess it wasn’t. Nevertheless, the cake was so delicious and very rich. Overall, I would come here again just to try their other pastries and simply just spend my afternoon in their comfy couches whilst listening to soft Korean playlist on the background.


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