Short Hat Yai Getaway

Have you ever just got so lazy to blog your holiday trip that you decided to just post pictures? But then why do you use WordPress? I mean we have Facebook and Instagram for that right? Well, what if your best friend force you to blog about it because she wants to know everything that happened? What if the only reason she did that was because when she asked you to tell her your experience you said, “Just wait, I’ll blog about it’. Well she waited and its been good heavens 3 months! 3 months have passed since that trip and all that had happen became a distant memory. You’re not sure what to write, what to say, where to even begin! So, have you ever?  Well, I have and it was the trip my family and I took during the Hari Raya Holiday.

Hat Yai, Thailand. Beautiful place, honestly not really. It was full of rats. Okay, let me just stop myself right there and start from the beginning. It was a 4 days 3 nights kind of trip. Most of it include shopping, eating, shopping and shopping. We stayed at this hostel kind of place where they called “hive” or something. It was really cute, everyone had their own private compartment with a bed, a lamp and even small drawers. The WiFi there was super good (ON THE FIRST NIGHT!). For some weird reason the Internet modem broke or so they say. Anyway, the food there tasted somehow “Malaysian-ize”. Could be because Hat Yai is at the border, really near to Malaysia. So, they were a few Malaysian that migrated there. Oh right, communication. If you’re able to speak Thailand then lucky you. But if not, your only hope would be Chinese Mandarin because English is a big no no. In my case, since I was able to converse in Chinese (Not fluently -hehe), we were able to survive 3 nights there. Lastly, bringing up the rat part again. Well, when I was there there was security guards everywhere, literally, even at the far end corner that you thought there wouldn’t be any, there were. So due to this advantage; mum, sis and I decided it would be safe to walk back and forth in the middle of the night (without dad and bro) to shop. Funny story was, the night time was the rat’s favourite time. So everytime when we head back from the night market, stalls or shopping malls to our “hive”, the rats be showing up. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t say its a really dirty place. It actually isn’t, frankly, its cleaner than Malaysia. You see, the garbage we see here would be merata-rata tempat. Yet, the ones in Hat Yai would be in just one bundle in a single spot, which would clear up the very next day.To wrap it up, I’ll just like to put it out there that the only thing I miss (as of now) would be the leg messages. #noregrets



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