Aldo turns 24

Nothing to say much. I guess the title says it all. Aldo didn’t want to eat in any fancy restaurant or what so ever, he even suggested we eat at the foodcourt!! Still, we were able to get him to agree on something different. After a few rounds searching for a restaurant in the shopping mall, we decided to try Popilla, a Mexican fast food restaurant. Well, all I gotta say was, not impress. Okay it was fine but it didn’t really live up to my expectation. I was really expecting it to be bursting with flavours but all I got was *bleuk. Well, I can’t really say much, ever since I became vegetarian I had already got used to vegetarian food in a “normal” restaurant to not taste that good. It even had a small portion! I mean for the price?! Seriously? Anyway, after our Dinner, we actually went to a cafe which I think was called Coffee Day. We talk a bit and bought for Aldo a red velvet cake, which I got to admit tasted so-so as well. I’m really not sure what was my luck that day, but all the food I’ve been taking tasted rather bland.


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