Me X Social Media

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Just a few days ago I was reading an article about Social Media. It went something like “Social Media is Destroying Quality Human Interaction”. It was for my ELC class, we had to do an evaluative commentary. Frankly, I don’t think I’m that kind of person that gets easily influence. But for some reason, the author of that article really gave me a huge impact. After reading the article for about 6 times, I was actually convinced that Social Media is in fact destroying quality human interaction; well for me personally. Consequently, I decided to take a break from Social Media. This includes my Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, WeChat, Telegram; pretty much all the social media apps I have on my phone. However, I didn’t entirely delete all my social media apps, I narrowed down to three apps that I chose to keep; which are my WhatsApp, Tumblr and WordPress. WhatsApp is obviously important as it is the main platform where I contact my family members and my friends. Tumblr and WordPress on the other hand, is the place where I post my Poems, Short Stories, random writings – I’ll explain more afterwards.

Now, everyone might be thinking “Why?” right?

Well, how should I put this? For me personally, Social Media have been taking up my life. I’m not blaming Social Media. I don’t think everyone is facing the same issue I’m facing. This is a subjective issue anyway. Maybe its just me, maybe because I don’t have self limitation. It could be because I don’t know how to balance my social life with my actual life. Okay, I admit. It’s me. I would wake up in the morning and the first thing I’ll do is scroll through my Instagram feed. After that it’ll jump from Twitter to Snapchat to God knows what where. Its the circle of life. Next thing I know, 2 hours have just flew out of the window. I’m not saying that this happens every single morning but, Social Media have taken up half of my day to say the least.

This is why I decided to take a break. It could be for a month? 6 months? a year? I don’t know. What I do know is, in the meantime, I would love to start writing and reading again. That is why I kept my Tumblr (for my Poems & Short Stories) and WordPress (for my random writings). I think I have abandoned my blogs for far too long and its breaking my heart. Even my books on my shelves that I swore to read this year are untouched and collecting dust. I guess I’ll be posting more as well!


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