February 19, 2016

It has been nearly a month since I updated my blog. Honestly speaking there were couple of times I wanted to blog but I was apparently lazy. Ugh Laziness. Don’t everyone just hate that. Its nearly the end of the second semester, assignments are piling up and finals are just around the corner. So here’s just a quick short update. 5 days ago I turned 19! Yay! My last year of being a teen. Okay, not as exciting as it sound. Like what I used to hear; the older you become, the less important your age is. I agree to an extent, however I personally  feel birthdays are important. It is like a celebration of being alive, it marks the day you were born and it is also a reminder to your mum when she gave birth to you. Now that I’m 19, I just hope I’ll make better decision and suppress from being lazy.