At the eyes of the beholder

Beauty is subjective; I might think she’s beautiful while others might not. It varies from one person to another. I have notice many teenagers these days strive so hard to be “beautiful” or “pretty” from the eyes of the society, which is not entirely true. Not once but several times have I stumble upon instagram accounts that was made to featured girls and boys who are “beautiful”. The admin of this so called account would screenshot or save the selfies of those beautiful girls and boys and post it to on the instagram account. I honestly think these kinds of accounts are really unnecessary. Its like the society is branding the people. Posting only the ones who are pretty enough to be featured on the page. This is somehow disheartening to the ones who are not featured on the page because not only it is discouraging, it will hinder their level of confidence as well. However, for the ones who are featured, they are pressured to maintain  to be there, to be “pretty”.
Everyone is beautiful in their own way. Whatever size they are, or skin colour they have; everyone is beautiful in and out. Sometimes it takes someone special to notice these things; your beauty. I personally think that beauty defines in our personality and attitude. The looks are just the bonus.