I haven’t showered since last year

Yes, its so cliche of me to say the last time I showered was last year. To be honest, I really haven’t. All jokes aside, It is 1st January 2016, 5 in the morning and I’ve just finish watching Christmas movies. I survived 2015 YAY! First of, I’m so glad of all the things that happened last year – Gosh it feels so weird saying “last year”, time do passed by quickly :’) 2015 really thought me a lot. If you’ve read my caption on one of my picture on Instagram, you would have seen the list of things I “achieve” or some sort last year. Okay let me just stop right there, I’m not here to dread over the life I had last year. Frankly, I did had a wonderful 2015 but we need to move on now and start setting goals for the future. So I kind of found some questions online we should ask ourselves for New Year’s Resolution. I’ve decided to choose some from different sources and answer them here.

1. Why would I want to change?

I like the way things are now but I don’t LOVE it. Yes, I want to change. My bad habits in eating unhealthily, having bad attitude at times, sleeping late, cursing, being a couch potato when I’m back home, sometimes shopping uncontrollably when I’m not home and seriously there are so much more. I really want to change all of this so I would be a better person and I would love myself more.

2. How am I going to change?

Well I not sure how though but I believe if we have determination and perseverance, we can achieve our goal. I need to believe that I can do it, make a planner and start planning. List them down and actually stick to it.  Normally Time is the issue, so I think I have to start making time for the more important things in life.

3. What are the things I want to start doing?

First I would really like to start reading the Bible again. I can say that last year I was kind of drifting apart from God especially after starting uni. So I decided that I would make it a point to read the Bible or pray the Rosary everyday. Other than that, I would also want to start caring more. I came to realisation I’m not really the sentimental-caring type of person, but this year I’m working on it 🙂 Last but not least, my worst characteristic; impatience. Hate to admit it but yes, I am very impatient and I really do want to remove this really bad characteristic.

Well its nearly 6am I should probably end my not-so-new-years-resolution entry. Thanks for reading, may God bless you always and HAPPY NEW YEARS 2016 xx





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