Impromptu KLCC Trip

It all begun when my lecturer cancelled our Friday class. My friends and I had no other classes that day, so we decided to take a day trip to KLCC. For as long as I have been here, not once did I take a visit to the famous Petronas Twin Towers, and neither did my roommate from Penang. So that is why we took the opportunity to head to KLCC just for the sake of taking “worthy photos” with the Twin Tower.

Easier said than done; our whole journey itself was almost Rm12

Puncak Perdana to PKNS -Bus RapidKL (RM2)
PKNS to KL Sentral -Bus RapidKL (RM2.50)
KL Sentral to KLCC -LRT  (RM2.40)
Total: To and Fro = 11.80

Plus, just waiting for the bus was also very tiring and I think my legs were about to break. However, I didn’t spend that much. Everything was FOC (meaning the entrance fee to the park etc.) except for Transportation and F&B. Nevertheless, it was a very exciting short trip and I did learn a few stuff here and there.

Fresh face | Just arrived NU Sentral
Acting all tourist-y at the LRT Station | Lyna, Liyana, Liana (Its so hard to call them without the others thinking I called them instead)
Reached KLCC | Huge Christmas tree right outside Suria KLCC and someone photobombing (WHAT)
Favourite time of the year | My excitement is evident from my face
Finally a picture with the famous Petronas Twin Tower
Silhouette | yes, we didn’t come all the way for only one picture
Another one with Lyna 
KLCC Park | Surprised we were able to do this
Soaking legs whilst splashing water | crazy things people do for worthy photos
No idea what was I doing but I’m loving this picture
Some of my former housemates
Oh and the far right is Firdaus | He looked awkward
Does this seem like worthy photos to you?
A pretty purple Christmas tree I stumbled upon
There were really so many Christmas tree around that day
Not-so-fresh face | Heading back to Puncak



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