Llao Llao


I went to Mid Valley the other day and my friend insisted that we try Llao Llao. It claimed to be a must try dessert and she said its very well known in social media. I’ll be honest, it was actually my first time hearing that name “Llao Llao” and for as long as I stayed in KL not once have I noticed a Llao Llao booth/stall. Llao Llao is a type of yogurt ice cream with different kinds of ingriedients to be added inside. My friend and I decided to just share a cup since we’re not sure if its nice or not. We took the medium cup + 3 toppings, which cost us around rm14. We added strawberries, oreo crumbs and chocolate sauce (yes, the sauce is considered a topping). Anyway, I really liked it. It was soft, cool and it had the strong yogurt taste. However, I wasn’t really satisfied though. Maybe its because of the toppings, I should have chose better ones. I’ll rate it 7 over 10 because its so expensive. But I do highly recommend others to try it too.


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