Beef & Salmon Pepper Lunch


This might be the second time I ordered a Pepper Lunch meal. My first time, if I’m not mistaken, was when I went to Hong Kong. It was so delicious, however because of their high standard of living it cost way too much for an average Malaysian like me. This time though; I have to admit, wasn’t actually pleasing. I bought myself the Beef & Salmon Pepper Lunch, which cost me RM 12.90! As you can see in the picture; the portion is small, there were only few pieces of meat and some of the beef wasn’t fully cooked. Okay, maybe its because it is some kind of hot plate so the cooking process is also during the serving. But to be frank, it really wasn’t that tasty. The rice was hard and the meat itself was also quite tasteless. I was really expecting much more from the look of the Menu. Nonetheless, It did fill my tummy up. So I’ll give it a 4 over 10.


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