IKEA’s Swedish Meatballs

Today was my first time to an IKEA store. Before even going there, I’ve heard so much already about their famous “meatballs”. To be honest I wasn’t that intrigued by it, the meatballs didn’t look that tasty. Nevertheless, I thought why not give it a shot. IKEA’s Restaurant was flooded with people and the queue was so long. There were at least 10 meatballs in every plate I see passed by me. Some people even had two trays of meatballs ūüėģ Maybe it is THAT good. Still, I wasn’t really keen on it so my friend and I decided to share a plate of meatballs.


We’ve gotten the Swedish Meatball (Large) – Rm18 for 20pcs

IT WAS SO GOOD! I might be exaggerating a little but it was THAT good. Definitely worth the wait, time and price ‚ú® However, they can improve more in their presentation. I didn’t really understand what it is with the strawberry jam at the side. Is it part of the presentation? Or maybe thats the way the Swedish eat their meatballs – with mashed potatoes and jam.
Nevertheless, I will come here again for their meatballs so I guess its an 8 over 10 for me ‚úĆ


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