I haven’t showered since last year

Yes, its so cliche of me to say the last time I showered was last year. To be honest, I really haven’t. All jokes aside, It is 1st January 2016, 5 in the morning and I’ve just finish watching Christmas movies. I survived 2015 YAY! First of, I’m so glad of all the things that happened last year – Gosh it feels so weird saying “last year”, time do passed by quickly :’) 2015 really thought me a lot. If you’ve read my caption on one of my picture on Instagram, you would have seen the list of things I “achieve” or some sort last year. Okay let me just stop right there, I’m not here to dread over the life I had last year. Frankly, I did had a wonderful 2015 but we need to move on now and start setting goals for the future. So I kind of found some questions online we should ask ourselves for New Year’s Resolution. I’ve decided to choose some from different sources and answer them here.

1. Why would I want to change?

I like the way things are now but I don’t LOVE it. Yes, I want to change. My bad habits in eating unhealthily, having bad attitude at times, sleeping late, cursing, being a couch potato when I’m back home, sometimes shopping uncontrollably when I’m not home and seriously there are so much more. I really want to change all of this so I would be a better person and I would love myself more.

2. How am I going to change?

Well I not sure how though but I believe if we have determination and perseverance, we can achieve our goal. I need to believe that I can do it, make a planner and start planning. List them down and actually stick to it.  Normally Time is the issue, so I think I have to start making time for the more important things in life.

3. What are the things I want to start doing?

First I would really like to start reading the Bible again. I can say that last year I was kind of drifting apart from God especially after starting uni. So I decided that I would make it a point to read the Bible or pray the Rosary everyday. Other than that, I would also want to start caring more. I came to realisation I’m not really the sentimental-caring type of person, but this year I’m working on it 🙂 Last but not least, my worst characteristic; impatience. Hate to admit it but yes, I am very impatient and I really do want to remove this really bad characteristic.

Well its nearly 6am I should probably end my not-so-new-years-resolution entry. Thanks for reading, may God bless you always and HAPPY NEW YEARS 2016 xx





4AM Christmas Thoughts

For me Christmas starts on the 1st of December. Well frankly its more like Advent rather than Christmas, but Advent actually begin on the 29th November (more or less the same). Advent is when we wait and prepare for the second coming of Jesus Christ. Anyways, during this season my family and I would decorate the house with Christmas decorations, go for carolling, Advent visits, year end parties etc. However, this year is different because my 2nd semester just started, which was on the 30th November. For the whole month I am not able to do all those Christmas preparation. To me Christmas preparation is also as important as Christmas day. Its 4 days to Christmas and I’ll only be flying back on Christmas Eve. That means I have 0 preparation.
Only now, during this season, made me realize that this will be the feeling when we eventually leave our parents, our home. The emptiness we will feel inside. So if anyone reading this who are highschool kids or younger or even parents with young kids, please spend time with each other. For parents, before they turn 18 and leave for further studies and after that have a family of their own, spend all your time with them because as you grow old, they grow old too and will eventually leave you. For kids, before you turn 18 and leave for further studies and after that have a family of your own, spend all your time with your parents because once they are not by your side, although you’ll feel the freedom, there is emptiness inside.
Now that is why this Christmas I decide to spend all my time with my family. Oh how I miss them :’)

Impromptu KLCC Trip

It all begun when my lecturer cancelled our Friday class. My friends and I had no other classes that day, so we decided to take a day trip to KLCC. For as long as I have been here, not once did I take a visit to the famous Petronas Twin Towers, and neither did my roommate from Penang. So that is why we took the opportunity to head to KLCC just for the sake of taking “worthy photos” with the Twin Tower.

Easier said than done; our whole journey itself was almost Rm12

Puncak Perdana to PKNS -Bus RapidKL (RM2)
PKNS to KL Sentral -Bus RapidKL (RM2.50)
KL Sentral to KLCC -LRT  (RM2.40)
Total: To and Fro = 11.80

Plus, just waiting for the bus was also very tiring and I think my legs were about to break. However, I didn’t spend that much. Everything was FOC (meaning the entrance fee to the park etc.) except for Transportation and F&B. Nevertheless, it was a very exciting short trip and I did learn a few stuff here and there.

Fresh face | Just arrived NU Sentral
Acting all tourist-y at the LRT Station | Lyna, Liyana, Liana (Its so hard to call them without the others thinking I called them instead)
Reached KLCC | Huge Christmas tree right outside Suria KLCC and someone photobombing (WHAT)
Favourite time of the year | My excitement is evident from my face
Finally a picture with the famous Petronas Twin Tower
Silhouette | yes, we didn’t come all the way for only one picture
Another one with Lyna 
KLCC Park | Surprised we were able to do this
Soaking legs whilst splashing water | crazy things people do for worthy photos
No idea what was I doing but I’m loving this picture
Some of my former housemates
Oh and the far right is Firdaus | He looked awkward
Does this seem like worthy photos to you?
A pretty purple Christmas tree I stumbled upon
There were really so many Christmas tree around that day
Not-so-fresh face | Heading back to Puncak


Llao Llao


I went to Mid Valley the other day and my friend insisted that we try Llao Llao. It claimed to be a must try dessert and she said its very well known in social media. I’ll be honest, it was actually my first time hearing that name “Llao Llao” and for as long as I stayed in KL not once have I noticed a Llao Llao booth/stall. Llao Llao is a type of yogurt ice cream with different kinds of ingriedients to be added inside. My friend and I decided to just share a cup since we’re not sure if its nice or not. We took the medium cup + 3 toppings, which cost us around rm14. We added strawberries, oreo crumbs and chocolate sauce (yes, the sauce is considered a topping). Anyway, I really liked it. It was soft, cool and it had the strong yogurt taste. However, I wasn’t really satisfied though. Maybe its because of the toppings, I should have chose better ones. I’ll rate it 7 over 10 because its so expensive. But I do highly recommend others to try it too.

Beef & Salmon Pepper Lunch


This might be the second time I ordered a Pepper Lunch meal. My first time, if I’m not mistaken, was when I went to Hong Kong. It was so delicious, however because of their high standard of living it cost way too much for an average Malaysian like me. This time though; I have to admit, wasn’t actually pleasing. I bought myself the Beef & Salmon Pepper Lunch, which cost me RM 12.90! As you can see in the picture; the portion is small, there were only few pieces of meat and some of the beef wasn’t fully cooked. Okay, maybe its because it is some kind of hot plate so the cooking process is also during the serving. But to be frank, it really wasn’t that tasty. The rice was hard and the meat itself was also quite tasteless. I was really expecting much more from the look of the Menu. Nonetheless, It did fill my tummy up. So I’ll give it a 4 over 10.

IKEA’s Swedish Meatballs

Today was my first time to an IKEA store. Before even going there, I’ve heard so much already about their famous “meatballs”. To be honest I wasn’t that intrigued by it, the meatballs didn’t look that tasty. Nevertheless, I thought why not give it a shot. IKEA’s Restaurant was flooded with people and the queue was so long. There were at least 10 meatballs in every plate I see passed by me. Some people even had two trays of meatballs 😮 Maybe it is THAT good. Still, I wasn’t really keen on it so my friend and I decided to share a plate of meatballs.


We’ve gotten the Swedish Meatball (Large) – Rm18 for 20pcs

IT WAS SO GOOD! I might be exaggerating a little but it was THAT good. Definitely worth the wait, time and price ✨ However, they can improve more in their presentation. I didn’t really understand what it is with the strawberry jam at the side. Is it part of the presentation? Or maybe thats the way the Swedish eat their meatballs – with mashed potatoes and jam.
Nevertheless, I will come here again for their meatballs so I guess its an 8 over 10 for me ✌

To New Beginnings

Hello, welcome to my new blog! Yes, it is NOT January 1st. No, I will not wait for the 1st of January just to make a change in my life. Most of the people I know have this weird thinking like “New Year, New Life”. But not me. Today I decided to abandon my old blog and start a new one. There is no apparent reason to be honest. I just didn’t felt that much comfortable blogging in my previous blog and frankly WordPress seems like a better option for me rather than Blogger. But let us just put the past aside and embrace this new one.

*Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale*

That felt good, didn’t it? What a great start for my blog. I guess before I leave though I should at least introduce myself right. Okay, my name is Joelle. I’m an eighteen year old and I should be sleeping now because its 4 in the morning and I did not just wake up 😉